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Retail Hell Memories: "You mean I have to WAIT IN LINE?"



From u/sjlwood, Tales From Retail:

Working the return counter one day. The end of the counter faced the entrance to the store, so sometimes customers would come right up to the counter and not see the line. Once informed they would gladly go get in line, usually.

Guest comes in and there is a particular long return line that day. She comes right up to me with her return.

Me: "Hi! If you go ahead and get in the return line right there we'll be with you as soon as possible."

Guest: "WHAT? I just want to return these items."

Me: "That's fine, this is the right spot! We'll be with you as soon as we've helped the other guests."

Guest: "You mean I have to WAIT IN LINE TO RETURN SOMETHING???"

I honestly didn't even respond.







Speaking from long experience, this bit about getting into an ordinary check-out line to make a return is a fairly new thing -- maybe this past decade only. Formerly, if you tried that, they'd end up ringing your item up as a purchase...


I don't think they were getting in a checkout line to return something, it's the return desk has a register / computer where they do it and there was a line there.

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