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From u/sb0990 Tales From Retail:

I used to work for a dept store in a mall years ago. I worked in the mens dept of the store and there was this guy that came in sometimes. He brought some cufflinks to the register and I start checking him out.

I can't remember exactly what he said,but it was something along the lines of him being in a hurry and he just flat out asked me if I could give him the cuff links.

I was shocked and I told him no to which he replied "why not?"

I said because that's stealing and he got irritated and said it was ridiculous and left the store.

I kind of just stood there flabbergasted because as long as I've worked retail I never had anyone until then ask me to steal for them.

He came in a few more times after,once he tried on a pricey watch at the jewelry counter and tried to walk off with it and another time he came in and I watched him grab a bunch of ties and walk around the store.

Later a supervisor came over with all the ties I saw him grab saying a guy had just returned them all without a receipt in the ladys dept and I informed her had just grabbed them from my table.

She called corporate on him if I remember correctly and we didn't see much of him after that thank goodness.








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