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Retail Hell Memories: Heads Up - $38,000 Pearls Incoming!


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From u/Omissionsoftheomen Tales From Retail:

I used to manage a luxury jewelry store. The kind with just a few items on display at any given time and most items were more than an average person’s yearly salary.

One of the regulars was a woman who just oozed bitch out of every pore. She would remind us, constantly, that she was “Ms Saskatchewan, 197X” which is a title that only a farmer and their sow should be proud of. It was also 30-ish years later.

My staff would scatter when we saw her coming, so I often was stuck helping her. On this particular day, she wanted a new strand of pearls.

We go through the showcase, and she puts on a strand of Tahitian pearls priced at $38,500. She hems and haws with her daughter, nods, and then... walks out of the store.

It took me a minute for my brain to register WTF.

I dashed down the mall after her, and when I caught up, said, “Mrs. 197X, you didn’t pay for those.”

I felt like Medusa was turning me to stone with the look she gave me.

197X: “Just put it on my credit card. You’re embarrassing me.”

Me: “We don’t keep card numbers on file, it’s a security concern. It will only take a minute.”

She turned as if to walk off, and then undid the clasp, slid the pearls into her hand and FLUNG them down the busy mall.

I was too busy scrambling after the pearls to hear if she said anything else, but she stopped coming to the store after that.









And security was called, the tapes reviewed, and she was banned from the entire mall for attempted grand larceny and for attempted destruction of property??? Right?

Misty Meanor

What the fuck?


@SS don't be silly, you can't treat rich people that way. Security and police are only for the poor masses, tsk.

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