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From u/GoodGuyBuns, Tales From Retail:

This story was a few years ago, my first retail job, and I worked in what is considered to be the most dangerous city in that section of the state.

So I got my first job at a video game retailer that also does trade ins for cash or credit depending. I knew everyone that worked there and was pretty friendly with 99% of the staff. Anywho, after working there for a few weeks one of my manager's house was broken into (he lived down the street from me) and the thieves stole his consoles, TV, and so on.

A few days after that a customer walks into the store with a bag, not unusual, probably has a load of games he wants to get rid of. I'm on register duty and the manager who was robbed is currently in the back of the store so I have to verify the trade in, rather than he do it. I notice in the bag there's a Playstation Vita but no charger.

Me: "Hey man, I can take the Vita, but you'll be charged for the charger"
C: "It should be charged no problem"
Me: "Yeah, but we will have to resell it and can't do so without a charger"
C: "aight, whatever"

I grab a charger from the floor, and plug it in because it was actually dead so I couldn't check it out. After some time passes I power on the Vita, making sure the touchscreen works, and so on and I notice something peculiar, so I tell him to wait while I get the manager up to the front of the store.
What was the peculiar thing? My manager's Playstation Network ID was still attached to the Vita.

EDIT: Aftermath - My manager took the Vita into the back room as a guise of "inspection", but he really just called the cops, had to hand over his Vita as evidence, and the customer was arrested.

Thieves break into a manager's house and steal his electronics, and tries to pawn off his stolen property at the store said victim works at, and was arrested.










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