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From  u/AngelusArkadiuTales From Retail:

I work in a large department store. A couple of years back I was a floor associate, primarily in consumables.

I get a call asking for me in aisle two; the soup section. A newer associate and a cashier are doing a price-check with a customer. I go over and ask how I can help.

The customer bought one variety of Anonymous Soup but claimed it wasnt scanning at the correct price. So I look at the price tags and lo, some varieties are marked down and some are regular price.

Before I side with the customer, I asked if it was a flyer item to which he responded (rather short, mind you) YES. I take out a flyer and check the item. Its says CLEARLY right next to the big picture of soup, ASSORTED VARIETIES ONLY. SEE IN STORE FOR DETAILS.

Well here he is. In store. But refusing details. I explained to him that assorted meant only certain types were on sale, and that those ones are marked down in price. He requested a manager.

Unfortunately the only manager on the floor was a nervous wreck (has since been demoted) so the customer got their soup.

I know it's easier to let it slide for the couple of dollars but gosh darnit I dont wanna set precedent for not reading.








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