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From  u/MajorTomsHelmet  Tales From Retail:

Several years ago I was working the closing shift at a clothing store. We were open until 9pm and I was in the process of closing the door at 9:05 when it was CAUGHT by three 60-something women that said

"We know what we are after."

I foolishly believed them. They came in, filled their arms with clothes and went to the fitting rooms.

( For reference, I was wearing a black dress with red heels)

At 9:15, I went to the fitting rooms to ask them if they were ready to check out, as we had closed at 9 and they said they knew what they were after.

I was met with "We will be done when we are done, don't worry!

Have you ever felt anger so hard that your scalp is tingling and your vision tunnels and everything goes black? YEAHHH....

Against everything I had been taught about customer service, it bubbled out of me before I could stop it...

" Ladies, you have 10 minutes to decide what you need before the police department is called by ADT. When they respond, you will be charged a $1500 false alarm fee. It is our responsibility to see that we have set the alarm by 9:30, the silent alarm will trip and they will be here by 9:35. There is nothing I can do to stop this procedure."

The fitting rooms cleared in 5 minutes, they bought and left...all by 9:23 with MANY apologies.

My two coworkers came to me after the door was locked and asked why they were never told about that policy.

"Hmmm..interesting, because I just made it up.

(Told my manager about this, she had received a call early the next day from a lady that said "Dorothy with the red shoes" helped her and she saved her SO much money and she was sorry she kept us")

When I see her, now, she STILL laughs about this story.






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