The Entitlement Complex: That Warm, Happy Feeling
#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob: Well, You Have To Be Sure!

Return Hell: I paid zero dollars for this. Can I return it for store credit?



From u/unaspirateur Tales From Retail:


Girl: I got this hairbrush on a buy one get one free deal, but I don't actually need it. Can I return it?

Me: I could do an even exchange for another hair product?

Girl: can I get store credit? I wanted to buy makeup.

Me: I can't really return something you didn't pay for...

Girl: I have my receipt right here!

Me: Right. But you paid Zero Dollars for it.

Girl: Well can I return it without a receipt

Me: [seething internally] I guess. But I don't know how much you'll get back?

[return comes to 2.67]

Girl: That's it? But this was a seven dollar hairbrush?!

Me: That you paid Zero. Dollars. For.

Girl: Ugh. I guess I'll just keep it!

And then fire rained from the sky, and there were no survivors.







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