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Carolanne cigar 1From justmutantjed, TalesFromRetail

I need to preface this story: I really doubt I'm the good guy here. I'll put that right up front. I rattle easily with confrontation, and that's when my customer service skills start to fail. So here it is, warts 'n' all.

The other night, I was closing the liquor store. We carry cigars, as well. We're the only place on the island with any kind of selection that I'm aware of. There used to be a proper tobacconist on the island, but that went out shortly after a key industry in the area died spectacularly during the 2nd Clinton administration. Among our selection are cheapo "Black & Milds". Most places in the US I doubt they're even a dollar; here, they're about $2.00.

A guy comes in, super-dazed look on his face. Like, picture a fish you see in the seafood department. He ignores several greetings and a "hi, how can I help you?"

OK, whatever. That doesn't bother me. He walks right past me, straight to the B&Ms, takes one, and starts opening it up.

Me: Dude, you wanna pay for that, first?

Him: Whatever for?!

Me: Wh -- Man, c'mon, you don't just open stuff up before putting up the money. That's not how this works. Gimme that. (I gently took the cigar from his hand, he didn't really resist. I put it on the counter between us and zapped it with the scanner.)

Him: What's your problem, a$$hole?!

Me: Hey. You want your cigar, I want you to pay for it first, please. That's standard business.

Jason Cigar 2Him: (Stares blankly at me for a couple seconds) You're a f&&&in' retard, dude.

Now, I've fully lost patience, and over a $2.00 cheapjack cigarillo. Up till the "retard" comment, I was prepared to still continue the sale. I took the cigar from the front counter and placed it behind me on the back counter.

Me: OK, that's it. We're done here. Go. (Pointed past him to the door)

Him: What the f&&& man, what's your damage?

Me: You opened merch without paying, then called me names when I ask for money first? Not cool, and I don't have to take that. We're. Done. Please leave.

Him: I got money right here, d&ckhead (and for the first time, he produces a couple crumpled bills from the pocket of his sweats).

Me: No. You know what? That's no longer the issue. You're being nasty, and I don't have to put up with this. I'm done, you're done. Hit the door, or we can have someone help you find the way out.

Him: (Over his shoulder at me, walking away) F@%%ot a$$ f&&&in' retard. See what happens. F&&& you. B!tch.

I sighed, wrote the situation down in the logbook, and marked the spot with the partially-unwrapped cigarillo. Nobody won that time. I certainly didn't feel good about it, but there ya go.





Employee won, without doubt.

18 Spears

You did nothing wrong. Rude persons simply do not deserve excellent customer service. Until merchandise is paid for it belongs to the store. Opening it makes him a thief, and thieves deserve to be shown the door and asked to never return.


Me: Dude, you wanna pay for that, first?

Him: Whatever for?!

Me: Because strongarm robbery is a felony and you wouldn't do well in prison.

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