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Sexism In The Workplace: "You Can't Wear That!"


SexismFrom RHUer

I'm a woman, working in construction. Normally, if I was at a construction site, I would wear sturdy jeans and be totally covered.

One day, I just had to pick something up from the office trailer and didn't have to worry about getting messy, so I wore black jeans and a shirt with a very loose cut — it had a deep v-neck but didn't expose any cleavage. It was shaped in a way that implied that I had a feminine body, but I would not call it sexy.

I was working on something in the office trailer, and the construction manager in charge of the project said to me, "You can't wear that here. You shouldn't be wearing that here."

I said, "Yes, I should because it's what I wore. If I chose to wear it, then I should be wearing it. What I wear has nothing to do with my ability to do my job."

There was another female inspector in the office trailer at that time and she said, "Damn straight, you sexist pig!"

He was dumbfounded.

I guess it's easy to forget that I have a V instead of a D if I wear shapeless work clothes.





Sounds like a whorror story out of a tumblr post.

I'm sure everyone clapped afterwards.


Speaking of D, don't be one. If you don't like it, move on.

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