Return Hell with a Monstrous Customer
Discount Rats: No, you can't buy open food


Kai Lowell's not exactly wrong.


Coffee isn't white, though. One or the other of the flat white and the latte should be 'also milky coffee'. "Hi, can I have a large black coffee, two frothy coffees and an also not coffee?" Heh.

Kai Lowell

I'd just have me some good not coffee anyway, so...

Tech Support Survivor

True, the difference between a flat white and a latte is primarily the size. AFAIK a flat white is a double ristretto shot of espresso and steamed milk, totaling 8 ounces.

While a latte is X shot(s) espresso topped with steamed milk.


"Don't bring me no poofy coffee." :P Had this discussion with my roommate earlier tonight. I don't want a chipotle and coffee flavored steak, I want a steak. I don't want hazelnut flavored coffee, I want coffee. I don't want flavored potato chips, I want potato chips.

If it isn't good enough on its own, it isn't good enough. I'm drinking coffee because I want to taste the coffee, not 'milk and sugar that coffee has been near at some point'. Of course, I sometimes roast my own coffee, so I'm kind of pickier about it. (Need to find that roaster... three households worth of crap jammed into this tiny house, can't find shit.)

That being said, the only way I can drink Charbucks coffee is iced with cream.


West Bend Avocado aluminum 30 cup fully automatic party percolator from the 70's. China sugar bowl silver sugar spoon and china creamer dispenser filled with milk. We can always supply bulk coffee at a party if needed anymore. None of us but mother drinks coffee. All the large family reunions are in the past.

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