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I just deposited cash back into my account, after taking it out in case the debit machines were offline in a different city like they were in numerous counties like mine. The teller told me you know what would work for a back up instead of cash, is if you got our credit card. I just shook my head no.

Kai Lowell

Six IDs? SIX?

I can only think of three possible forms: driver's license/state ID, Social Security card, and birth certificate. What in Thrognar's name would the other three be?


Passport, Military ID, and a signed notarized statement from God attesting to your identity.


In other words: We don't cash checks!

(Reminds me of the old chestnut sign from the pizza place I went to as a kid: "We have an arrangment with the bank; They don't make pizzas and we don't cash checks.")


Kai, passport for one, but an SSN card is not an ID. Says so on the card. But Granny is right; requiring a 50$ cash deposit to cash a 20$ check... if they had 50$ cash they wouldn't need to cash a 20$ check.

Kai Lowell

Yeah, I forgot about passports (and apparently that one's SS card is not an ID, derp.) Still...

The $50 part didn't even hit me till much later, I was too baffled at SIX FORMS OF ID.

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