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Snorting Piggy Shopper Decimates Clearance Baskets



From u/orphan-theism Tales From Retail:

I recently started working 6 hour shifts almost everyday at my job. I work in a department store in the craft and party section. Part of my new responsibilities include cleaning the clearance table, a table that has not been clean since stock take about 2 months ago. So, I have spent 3 weeks putting everything into baskets on the table with one side of the table being craft (with baskets for ribbon, scrapbooking paper, etc) and the other being party (baskets for birthday candles, invites, as well as themed party things like Star Wars, Minions, etc).

Which brings me to yesterday: I was on my last legs of the clearance table. My coworker was checking pricing and making sure everything had the most recent price set by head office. She asked me if I had room on my side for the cake decorating things and as I was looking for room, this rich woman pushes past me to look at something. Which, rude, but not too out there. She then goes to my Num Noms basket and starts looking through it. Me and my coworker immediately dropped everything and watched as this girl took out half of the basket and put the items in the fucking Star Wars basket. And then she just walks away? The best part is, the ENTIRE time she was snorting like a pig.

As someone who lives and works in New Zealand, I normally only see this crap on TV and I felt like what I was watching wasn't even real.







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