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When the Alarm Company Doesn't Care


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From an RHUer: 

This morning three special people decided that they were going to get some cash from our glorious atm.   Now our store uses metal shutters for additional security.  The idea being an alarm will be triggered within 45 seconds if opened prior to a certain time.   Great concept if the company chose to pay attention to it.   These three clowns take a good 5 and a half minutes to get the shutter pried open enough to break the glass and get inside.   They don't touch the smokes, beer or anything other than the atm.   Now they start this process at 4:30 AM. They exit the building at say 4:37AM.   Still no calls from the alarm or corporate.   Come 5:15 cops finally show up because they hear the alarm from driving by.   Corporate still isn't aware of the issue till one of our staff shows up at 5:30AM to open the store.   Good times and security.








When my friends got married, I skipped the reception due to demophobia and did some running around they needed to have done. One of the things I did was go back to the church and pick up the streamers from the party poppers used instead of rice, and went inside to throw them away. As soon as I opened the (unlocked) door, the alarm went off. I threw them away then sat outside waiting for whoever was going to show up to tell them what happened.

45 minutes later, the alarm went off by itself, and I figured if it was happy, then it's someone else's problem, so I'm out, and left.

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