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Wronged Workers: Sexism Strikes Again


Wronged slavesFrom RHUer

In 2003, I was working for a leading defence industry company as a engineer.

A guy that I worked with decided I wasn't getting enough sex, (where this idea even came from, besides his own twisted little mind? No idea.) and presented me with a cucumber-shaped vibrator in front of a room full of male engineers.

Many thought it was absolutely hilarious, but a few were embarrassed. None reprimanded the guy. I had to do that myself.

His response? "Obviously you DO need that, if you're going to be so uptight about a little joke."

I reported him to HR, a female rep came and spoke to me and took the 'gift'. I learned later that he'd been spoken to by HR, but I never received an apology or any follow-up.

In fact, I was moved out of the area and later made 'redundant'.




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