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Wronged workers 1From Swarleymon

At my first job I was there when I was 17 to 22ish. Absolutely loved my job, until my boss put in her two weeks. Since I was there for 4 years and felt I could handle the job I applied for it, as well as another coworker and a friend. My friend backed out and it was down to me and Sue, aka Satan. Turns out they felt a 22 year old with 4 years of experience wasn't enough. They preferred someone who was well into her 60's and had worked there one day a week for 6 months.

But hey, let's give me a bone and make me her assistant. Wasn't bad; got a slight raise but it didn't last long enough. She ruined the whole activity department. You don't fuck with Residents Bingo and that's exactly what she did.

Anyway, I kept teaching her things she should have known for her position, then she ended up telling people I wasn't not allowed to do the paper work. So pretty much make it look like I'm not doing my job. I worked myself to the bone I tried to make activities fun but she wouldn't approve anything.

I told the higher ups what was going on. We had so many meetings to "fix" things. Nothing happened and I really left work crying so many times because of what it used to be and what it is becoming.

We'll then she fired me. I changed the schedule to be helpful and that copy went missing and I was a no call no show.

Gets worse, went to apply after she ran it into the ground and was hired on the spot and they were very excited and happy to have me. I did 6 hours of videos and the drug test and all that jazz.

One person from corporate saw me, and that was it. Turns out Satan had spread lies about me saying that I had sex at work and other things. I was automatically fired.

When asked about it they denied it completely.




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