Hellspawn Encounter: I scared a teenager in to buying a banana skin
Drugstore Hell: “Why are you asking to check my ID?” “Because it’s store policy-“”yes but WHY” “because you’re buying certain medicine-“ “BUT WHY”



"Balls. That is all."


TT, again I LoL'ed!

Kai Lowell

"Balls," said the king, not because he had to, but because he had two.


Heehee... Kai's is funnier, I think. :G

Kai Lowell

Blame my dad; he's quite fond of that one. I'm not sure where he got it. :D


Both are funny! Personally, I keep remembering Dr. Horrible's comment at the end of part 1, after losing the girl he was sweet on to his arch-nemesis. He's singing about how Captain Hammer threw her in the garbage to keep a van from hitting her, but she's all starry-eyed about a hero rescue. Dr. Horrible walks away muttering "Balls!"

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