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From u/Golden_Newt Tales From Retail:

I work in a chain department store so I get my fair share of rude customers. This happened to me earlier today and I though you guys might appreciate it.

I'm just minding my business, wheeling out a trolley of stock to put out when I see a kid ~8 years old riding one of the kids display bikes. Mind you, the kid isn't just trying the bike, he's riding as fast as he can and doing skids on this thing. His mum (I'm guessing) was just watching him do this. The bikes clearly state in bold red writing that bikes must not be ridden as they have only been built for display. Cue this exchange:

Me: "Hey sorry, they're not really meant to ride them in the store."

Kid's mum: "Yeah yeah whatever."

I thought she must have been joking or something.

Me: "Haha yeah, sorry."

Mum: "Yeah. WHATEVER."

Oh, she's not joking.

Me: "Sorry, it's store policy."

Mum: (literally yelling at me) WHAT EVER!

I decide it's not worth it and just say nothing, if the kid keeps going I'll call a manager. The kid gets off the bike. Phew. Relieved, I continue on with my stock.

Just as I'm grabbing some stuff to put out the mum storms past me and yells.

"You know you should really learn to lighten up a little!"

And storms out with her kid.








18 Spears

"Learn to light up!" as she storms out ... LOL! What is it with people these days? You handled yourself like an adult, whereas she was worse than her heck-spawned child.


This kid is going to grow up thinking signs shouldn't be taken seriously because his moron mother thinks they're a joke!

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