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From u/lectric_socks  Tales From Retail:

I work in a department store that mainly sells clothing, like many stores you may return merchandise so long as it has not been used (tags still attached, not stained or gross in any way, etc.)

Long policy short it has to be in a resellable condition.

A customer came in, came up to me, and put a bag on the counter saying she'd like to make a return. Making no move to take the item out of the bag herself.

Grabbing the bag by the bottom and dumping the contents onto the counter revealed a small pink dress with a layer of lace over it. No tag on the dress. No receipt in the bag. The customer has an e-receipt on her phone.

The conversation that follows C- will be the customer, LS- myself, and M- is the manager.

LS - Unfortunately miss I can't return any sort of formal wear if the tag isn't attached.

C- What do you mean? I have the receipt, here is the item number. You should have everything you need to return this.

LS- No what I mean is it's our store policy that we don't return formal wear without tags attached. The dress has to be in perfect condition for us to return it.

(At this point I spot a small stain on the dress like food had gotten spilled on it)

LS- So with no tag attached and a stain on it right here there is no way I can return this without getting in trouble.

C- Well this is the condition I bought it in! This is ridiculous! I'd like to speak with a manager!

Calling the manager over she takes a little longer than usual to get to our counter. The customer is visibly fuming at having to wait a couple of minutes.

M- Hi my name is M how can I help you today?

A short recap to M and she's looking at the dress. Noting the stain and missing tags, reviewing store policy on formal wear and the customer is pissed.

C- This is crazy! This is how I bought the dress! I want BOTH of your names!

We give her our names and inform her that there is NO way we would have sold her a dress in the condition that she is trying to return it in.

C- Well you have to take it back! I've returned dresses before with no tag attached! This is not supposed to be such a big issue! Just take it back!

A bit more back and forth between the customer and the manager and this lovely thing happened.


M- Well it's been used, so it's yours. If you don't want it anymore you can take it to a consignment shop. Sure you won't get all of your money back that you paid for it, but you'll get something.


M- Miss if you don't want it anymore, you can take it home and throw it away. We're not returning it like this because it's not within the policy standards.

C- WELL FINE! HERE YOU THROW IT AWAY FOR ME! Pushing the dress towards us

M- No, I said you can take it home to do that.

The customer storms off in a huff with the dress. Manager looks at me and tells me my counter is bad luck before walking away.













"This is a place where we SELL clothing, not RENT it. When you take something home from here, it's yours."

I swear, if I'd ever started a business, the return policy would be "No."


Tell your manager I love her.


I'm with TT on this one.

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