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From u/idiotsarray Tales From Retail:

I work at a supplement store. Our return policy is: • If a product makes you sick, it may be exchanged for another item or instore credit onto a gift card.

Most customers returning something usually do so because of flavor. Although Me [M] and my co-worker [CW] are pretty lax when it comes to returning the open product, we still expect the customer to be smart enough by saying ”it made me sick,” rather than ”i didn't like the taste.” This guy [C] stood out as exceptionally bright:

C: I’d like to return this product

M: grab his account info CW: what for?

C: I don't like the vanilla flavor

M: Okay, well we don't return anything unless it made you feel sick, so we cannot do a return. Sorry, Bud.

C: yeah, that's what I meant by I dont like it. I'm allergic to vanilla.

CW: so why did you buy vanilla then?

C: I didn't look at the flavor when I buy it.

CW: Why not? Every product in here is flavored and clearly displayed.

M: going through his account purchase history

M: Weird man. It shows here you've bought several other products in vanilla flavor.

CW: Doesn't look like those made you sick.

C: It might be the the type of protein then.

M: but you've bought the same protein product in chocolate last time?

— At this point my co-worker and I give this guy that type of smile when you've wholly cornered somebody in their insignificant lie.

C: Alright maybe I'll stick to the Chocolate flavor and buy that one.

M: Lovely.












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