Nasty Ass Thieves: "Hi, Those Aren't Allowed To Leave The Store..."
Cashier Hell: Mom Attempts To Steal Leg of Lamb in Her stroller



The average per hour rate is almost at the highest level on that sign for a independent shop or higher if at the dealership. I guess you'd might as well give them advice the whole time.


I need this sign at my shop.

On a tech worksheet, I once literally had to write "Customer did something and now the car doesn't run". I generally try to be more specific than that, but this was an older customer that liked to ramble. Alot. It was just easier to have my guys start looking at it than to try and list the twelve dozen things the customer thought it might be.


Yeah, one of the things on my tech wishlist on my old website was "Tell me the problem, and stop talking. You don't know what the problem actually is, or you'd have fixed it. You've called an expert for help, let them work."

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