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From u/Yharhar Tales From Retail:

True satisfaction is when you finally get back at a customer. Even if they may not realize it, you do.

So to start, the customer bathroom where I work has been out of order for months now because every time we fix it, some hillbilly slob comes in and breaks something. Well now we've been forced to let everyone use the employee bathroom. Outside of our bathroom in the hallway we keep totes full of merchandise for shelves that haven't been set up yet. One of these totes was open. Cue story.

We had what appeared to be a lady in her 60's, her son or daughter, and their spouse/partner/whatever. Well older lady decides she needs to use the restroom so I give her the key and she heads off. Now I also had to make a pit-stop in our office to pick up some cigarettes to fill up some empty spots so I follow her since our bathroom is past our break-room/office. Apparently I walk very quietly because she didn't notice me behind her. She felt that this was the perfect time to unload some trash into our open tote. Mind you, there's a trashcan in the bathroom but NOPE. Not good enough for her.

Now today was one of those days where I had little to no patience for stupid/lazy people, so I reached into the tote and picked up her trash and waited for her to come out to pay for her groceries.

A few minutes later she's paying, but as soon as she turns her back, I put all the trash back into her shopping bags.

It was thrilling, to say the least.





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