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From u/PrincessKitsuna Tales From Retail:

So, I work for a grocery store that used to have a key for a rewards card. Let's call it....Hooveys.

Now then, today was gonna be a good day. Went in at 11 AM, and got off at 7 PM (a whole hour AFTER I was supposed to get off), be a good little cashier, got a hug from a small child ((and as an Early Childhood major that made me hella happy.))

Well, around halfway through my shift an older couple comes through my line, and I start with the usual schpeal.

"Hiya! Welcome to Hooveys! Do you have your Hooveys Rewards Card with you?"

The older guy hands it to me, and I start scanning their groceries. Mind you, the hand scanner at my register is fucking broken, and out of the six registers we have (only 5 actually can be used, and they have no hurry to fox anything in my store), one has a working hand scanner. So, I have to ask this older gentleman to put his case of water on my register, since he was holding it up for me to scan.

Oh my God, the world has ended!

He huffingly puts the water up, and I scan it. I tell him I'd bring it back around and sit it in his cart. And immediately he gets huffy, but doesn't do anything.

We keep going and no problem....Until we get to his total. He comes up about 81$ and I tell him his total. He immediately takes issue, and demands I check if everything comes up right, which it did. And I tell him it did. He then begins mumbling to his wife about how I messed something up for him spending 81$, and how I must be new, and on my second day because things rang up wrong (again, they're right.) And I look up at him,

"Sir. I've been here three months, almost four."

And he is still insisting that I fucked up his transaction, and at this point I offer to call a manager to void his transaction, if he isn't happy!

Nope. Bitch paid, snatched his receipt from me, and left.









Misty Meanor

I swear, customers must think that we're stress relief tools for them!

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