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Cashier Hell: Short encounter with someone who talks without thinking


Jason 040

From  u/iamanemptychair Tales From Retail:

Just an average day, was checking out a line of customers, and at the register next to me a coworker was signing out for the day. He had to turn someone away, and the lady I was currently serving noticed and snorted in derision. "God forbid he works even a minute longer than he's supposed to."

That really annoyed me, so even though I coulda just kept quiet, I told her the truth. "Well management has been cracking down on hours lately. Last week I got written up for going over 0.11 hours, about 7 minutes."

She looked at me with surprise and embarrassment and sheepishly said "Oh. Guess I shouldn't be making snide comments then."

No. No you shouldn't. Thanks for actuallg realizing your mistake though. :)








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