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From u/SlytherinAhri Tales From Retail:

Our store has a sale on Marlboro cigarettes that takes a dollar off when you buy two boxes of any kind sans Special Blend. We also have a permanent sale exclusively for our store that is a dollar off two boxes of any "original" Marlboro, ie regular, light or menthol. So if you bought one box of standard flavor, you'd pay full price. If you got two boxes, you'd get 2$ off.

Well a woman comes up and asks for a single pack of Special Blend light, a transaction which is covered by neither discount and she realizes that her total is more than what the sale sticker for Marlboro says.

Woman: "It says $4.87 on the thing?"

Me: "You have to buy two to get the discount and you got Special Blends which aren't on sale right now"

Woman: "Well, I don't need two"

Me: "Well the discount only applies electronically to sales of two, I can't do it manually for you"

Woman: (Notices the 1$ off sign for mainline boxes only) "And why didn't I get that discount?"

Me: "Because it's for mainline boxes only, Special Blend isn't covered"

The woman is now getting visibly furious.

Woman: "You know what, just give me a regular light then"

I ring her up and in the process, remind her that although she'll get both discounts for these, she'll need to buy two to do so.

Woman: "JUST F*@CKING FORGET IT" She snatched her wallet and rewards card back and stormed off like I'd actually even remotely done anything to h







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