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Closing Time Nightmares: This customer always comes when we are about to close



From u/AecroMint Tales From Retail:

So here’s another one, I’m working in a apparel shop and other than certain unreasonable customers, we also bump into customers that only pop out when we are going to close. Our main door states our operating hours and this man always comes at the very last minute which puts everyone in the store at a pissed off state :/ but today is a disaster.

I’ll name this man as M, and me as Me, while my colleague as C.

Me (about to close the lights of the store with my colleague, C)

Me (getting to the registry to count sums)

M (enters the store)

M (picks up some apparel)

M (approaches us): Hi, can you please help me with this? I would like to check the sizes.

Me: Sure. What size are you looking for?

M: Either large or XL please.

Me: here you go. Would you want to purchase them now?

M: Let me try it out in the fitting room.

Me (looks at C and shakes head)

M (coming out from the fitting room): This isn’t good, it’s the right size but the colour is terrible. I would like to try more .

C (approaches M): Sorry, but we are closing soon so we are unable to open the fitting room for you today.

C: Please come again tomorrow if you’d like to try them out. We’ll be able to reserve them for you to try.

M: what kind of attitude is this?!

M: is that how you treat a customer?

C: uhh, sir, I’m sorry but base on our operating hours, we already have you a grace period of 15 minutes.

M: I’m not leaving for sure not until I get the piece of shirt I want.

Me: I’m sorry sir, we really need you to leave. If you persist on staying, we’ll have to inform the security officer.

M: No. Do not threaten me or I’ll sue you.

C (pissed off): Sir! If you intend to sue us, by all means, feel free to do so but for now we really need you to leave!

M: I’ll stay here. I’ll see what you can do to me.

M: Open the fitting room!

C (calls the security unit)

The security officers came to our store and the man is kicked out of the mall. After the incident, my colleague was so angry that she started cussing about this customer... lol








Misty Meanor

Reminds me of Dick Druggie, who would come in near closing time, take his time bringing things up while telling us not to touch his items... then going to get more items while we were ringing him up, lather rinse repeat!!

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