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From u/ManOfAMillionVoices Tales From Retail:

So I work at a general department store, originally started as a pharmacy.

Few nights ago, 30 minutes to closing up, I was asked over the store headset to leave my section and help a customer with the watch cabinet. This was an especially stressful night, as I had just witnessed two teens tearing a pair of laptops off their alarmed displays and sprinting out the store with them. One of the store managers managed to swipe at one of the kids with a metal ladder, which now seems pretty Looney Tunes in hindsight.

But back to the watch cabinet.

I greet her and ask which one she was hoping to see.

The customer, a woman in her 40's, doesn't indicate a choice, just repeats that she would like to have the cabinet opened. I oblige her, and she reaches in for a $40 analog timepiece. She admires the watch for a moment, holding it gently in her palm.

As I'll need to go back to my own section soon, I ask: "so do you have any more shopping to do, or may I ring in that watch over here?"

Now, there are several sales registers in this store, at least ten if you count the other departments, and her response surprised me:

"Give me a moment, I must pray on which till I am meant to go to." Followed by a pause, and then, "I need to pontificate on this topic."

Keeping a straight face, or trying to, I stood with her in silence for well over a minute; waiting for that divine answer on where she might finish this shopping adventure.

After I felt a reasonable amount of praying time had passed, I asked if she had come to a decision yet.

Without missing a beat, she replied: "Well if you don't like it, I'll be more than happy to buy this from someone else".

Feeling drained at this point, I give the standard robot retail line: "alright, well if you have any questions I'll be right over here", and I make my way back to my department to close up.

30 minutes later, closing announcements are being made, and I see the pontificating woman marching towards my section, looking like she's on a mission.

As my area is now closed off, I narrowly avoid her stare and walk back into the employee area to get my things. She was apparently looking for me, but I'll need to take a few moments to pray on why.













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