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From u/oreologicalepsis Tales From Retail:

I work at a chain craft store as a cashier and was pretty late to go on my break because my backup was late to get in, so I was sorta in a rush to get off register. I shut off my light as a customer began walking over to me, not realizing I wasn't open. I had called my backup on my radio to come up so I could go on break, and other customers had overheard. But apparently not this impatient woman (IP). She started ranting.

IP: "This is the worst store! You turned your light off just as I came over! There's never anyone around to help me, and now you don't carry things you used to have in store!"

I didn't reply because I was partially in shock at how pissed she was, and I didn't want to apologize to her because she was so unjustly angry. She just kept repeating how she hated this store so much, which is interesting considering she was in line to BUY stuff here, and there are multiple other craft stores nearby. I probably would've taken her if she hadn't been so rude.






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