Sidewalk Signage: Forgetting the Gym
Yard Sale Signage: Prepare to Buy!

Crazy Customers: Manson wanna be needs help



From u/GoGoGodzilla_ Tales From Retail:

Okay so this one is a few months old but y'all might enjoy it.

I was going to clock out because It was 8pm and I was off. (I was done for the day!)

Crazy dude with long grey hair wearing a Charlie Manson shirt walked up when I was going to clock out and asked where the canned cat food is. I showed him and went to clock out.

When I came out of the back room he was there waiting for me and since I'm a good customer service slave i helped him and told him "have a good night sir"

He started yelling at me saying he isn't a "sir" (he was at Least 60, so yeah, a "Sir") all about the cat food says $19.98 instead of the $9.98 he wanted to buy. I told him how the price tags worked and he was in fact buying the $9.98 cat food bag.

I thought all was well and went on my merry way buying my nightly wine and snacks. Until I saw him In line before me at our one open check out lane. I pulled off my work shirt and threw my hair down and happily listened to him yell at 3 CSMS (customer service managers) about the price of the cat food. Apparently my super disguise worked so well that Charlie didn't know it was me that helped him before.

He threw such a huge fit about the cat food that was nprmall priced that manager actually had him escorted out.

I'm actually so happy they finally escorted out a terrible customer!





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