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From u/Southpaw1125 Tales From Retail:

This actually happened a few minutes ago and I’m still very confused. So I work at a certain farm and feed store as the assistant manager, and I am working the opening shift with one cashier and one associate. I was doing normal managerial things when a customer walks up, looking very confused. He will be CC and I will be me. The conversation goes like this:

Me: “can I help you find anything sir?”

CC: “no I’m just... looking...”

Me: “alright, well let me know if you need help with anything!”

CC: mumbles and walks away

Cut to ten minutes later, and I have to use the restroom. So I walk in, begin to do restroom things, and I hear a knock on the stall door. It’s the same guy from before.

Me: “sorry, it’s occupied”

CC: “yeah I know, I saw you walk in here. I just need to know if you have any more of generic cattle feed in the back room.”

Me: “..uh sir if you would like to go find another associate she can check for you.”

CC: “yeah but you’re not busy”

Me: “I am kind of in the middle of something here..”

CC: “oh fine. You fuckin’ millennials are so damn lazy, always pushing the work onto somebody else. I’m calling corporate.”

I honestly hope he does, so I can explain exactly what I was doing where I couldn’t help him. What exactly possesses somebody to do that?!









Ralph Phillips

Someone who is so full of feces they don't realize not everyone is made of it.

Ralph Phillips

Let me correct - the custy was the one full of feces; obviously Freddy wasn't anymore!

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