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Crazy Customers: Woman on Crack Gets Into Ceiling of Mexican Restaurant via Their Bathroom and Then Crash Lands Into Dining Area


From Daily Mail:

WomanA woman believed to be on crack cocaine fell through a ceiling at a Mexican restaurant in California

Footage shows the moment the woman comes tumbling down from a ceiling at Sabroso! Mexican Grill in Garden Grove, California.

According to the video's poster, the woman had made her way into the eatery and went straight for the facilities. 

A different clip shows the woman erratically walking around and trying to avoid help.

First responders try to ease the woman's worry but she can't help but be flustered.

A few moments later and she is finally calm and paramedics work to restrain her and see if she is injured. 

It is unknown what the woman's condition is.  

She appears to be middle age and was wearing a jean skirt, a white t-shirt and a light red jacket.

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Burly Goontar

Isn't it about time for The Weather Girls, or someone, to make a sequel to "It's Raining Men!" ?


o/~ "Dipshits fall from lowered ceilings, all the little crackheads in the world" o/~

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