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From u/WombatBeans Tales From Retail:

I was at work the other day when I get a phone call that went like this. I'm me she's Irrational Lady (IL).

Me: Thank you for calling *store* this is me how can I help you?

IL: (please picture a super snotty tone for her) Yes I was just in there and I bought 20 cans of cat food and it was supposed to be 20% off and I didn't get my 20% off!

Now because where I work likes to torture us employees personally when something is on sale on your receipt it will have the full price listed, then wayyyyyyy down at the bottom, it'll have a "coupon" that takes off the discount. A lot of people miss it, I've been yelled at many times.

Me: Could you check on your receipt down toward the bottom after subtotal, is there a black bar that says coupon, with money taken off?

IL: There's nothing.

Note she answered way too fast to have actually checked but whatever.

Me: Well that's strange, the brand you bought is definitely on sale. If you come back we can re-ring it and refund the difference.

IL: I'm on my way home, OBVIOUSLY I'm not turning around.

Me: I can't do anything without the payment method here, our system doesn't store credit card information.

IL: Well YOU need to fix that!! This is ridiculous, you have a sale up, and I didn't get the sale, you need to fix this now!

Me: I understand it's frustrating, but I can't fix this for you, unless you're here.

IL: Well I'm never shopping there again!!

Me: Okay. Have a nice day.

I still don't know what the hell she expected me to do. Issue a refund with my magical powers? If I had any type of control over things like that she wouldn't have been talking to me in the first place. The people with the power are at corporate. I did get curious though since that sale has been going for awhile (it's about to end in fact) and any kinks would have been sorted out weeks ago. I looked up her receipt...she only bought 18 cans. You have to buy 20 or more for the sale price. I really hope she got home, looked at her receipt and felt like a fucking idiot. I doubt it, but it would be nice.









Or did something stupid like go through self checkout with 20 cans, and 'miss' scanning two to save money, somehow thinking she'll still get the discount.


I had a similar issue but as a customer. It was buy 24 cans of cat food get a free bag of dry cat food. Checker scanned my (large) order and the bag rang full price. I asked about and she got snotty and said I only had 21 cans. They were bagged already so the bagger went and pulled 3 more cans for me and she grumpily adjusted the price. I got home a starter putting away groceries and found I had 27 cans.

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