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From u/hppiefrk Tales From Retail:

So woman and her husband come to meat dept. Friday morning. She was so upset she was literally shaking. Apparently on Thursday night she had come in and asked for 1 1/2" steaks, and the seafood guy (who is located just outside meat dept. and runs interference for us when we're busy) told her that the steaks she had were an inch and a half. Which wasn't true, after we looked, the were like maybe slightly over an inch. But she kept going on and on about 'how poorly they were cut' and 'they weren't and inch and a half' and 'nobody would cut her inch and a half steaks' (which seafood guy said she never asked - he admitted fault being off by 3/8"). So she brought them back.

Another meat cutter goes back and cuts her 6 steaks at an inch and a half. After listening to her go on and on and on about these 'not inch and a half steaks', actually SHAKING because she was so upset, he took great care to cut her exactly 1 1/2" steaks.

Upon bringing out and presenting, she said oh, no....these are way too big. I don't want to spend that much, why are they so much more? Why are they so BIG? I don't want these! Uh, because you have an extra 3" of steaks, that's why. He finally said go pick out a pack of steaks that are the 'right size' and I'll cut another 6. She picks out a fucking pack of one inch steaks, identical to the ones she originally had. Her husband looked at his feet the whole time.

The kicker to the whole incident? At the dept. manager weekly meeting later that day, our store manager read us a complaint from corporate that had come in that began "The seafood guy LIED to me, I wanted inch and a half steaks..."

So now we're stuck with 6 (perfectly good) steaks that she brought back (Shrink - left the store) and 6 big steaks that she made us cut (harder sell at our particular store where the clientele is thrifty), and complaints from corporate....all for her to end up with the same fucking steaks she had in the first place. Some people are just absolutely nuts with their first world problems. Are your perceived 'wrong size steaks' actually enough to warrant literal shaking with upsetness, complaints to corporate, and complaining to everyone from the meat dept to customer service to the store manager? And now that she found out she actually DID get what she wanted, is she going to call corporate and tell them hey, my bad? I'm gonna guess no.











As soon as she picked out steaks that were the same size, I would have handed back her original steak and told her that these were the same size that she was requesting and take a measuring stick to the one she picked AND the ones she was returning to prove it.

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