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From u/Metroidzoid Tales From Retail:

After today, I don't have high hopes for the rest of the week.

I was helping a customer today with computer issues, so she has her laptop open on the counter, I've helped her (after many many user-error issues on her end) connect to the wifi, and her service/purchase is finished and rung up.

I tell her the total ... aaaaand nothing.

She's just typing away. I have a lobby full of people, 6 angry faces staring at me, and I again say "Miss, that'll be X dollars, do you want to put that on a card or cash?".

Silence for another 20 seconds and then she says "Are you waiting on me?" without even looking up.

She couldn't even hand me her card without going back to whatever she was typing before.

I wish I had manual control of the wifi.












"Yes. Yes WE ALL are."

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