Dumbass Customers: Why can’t you give me cost price?
Entitled People Hell: "Give My Son Your Purse!"



And that's what happens when delivery companies (USPS, UPS, etc.) get door-less delivery trucks.
Looks like USPS owes this guy a lunch.


If the dogs are loose, the owners owe the driver lunch. Dogs aren't supposed to be allowed to run free, unless this was maybe on some giant property surrounded by a fence.


They generally have doors, but they're left open most of the time because it's easier to get in and out 69,105 times a day. And in the case of UPS, their dark brown trucks don't have air conditioning.

If those are the dogs in question, the background looks like a farm, so it's likely that's what happened; or at least in rural areas, where dogs aren't as constrained.


Hey, at least the driver's more concerned about the dogs than his lunch!


And they look sorry for what they did. :P


It's a farm. The dogs will be able to go where they want. Agricultural zoning you have different rules than residential zoning.

Kai Lowell

At least that's all stuff (except maybe the pumpkin *seeds*, but at least they oughtn't hurt the doggos) that's actually pretty decent for dogs to eat.

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