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Discount Rat Takes Down a Dumbass Drug Store Cashier



From u/cpazynski, Tales From Retail:

So I work in a very busy drug store in a rather large city. I recently had a customer come in and as I was ringing her up I asked for her membership card. To which she replies “yeah I actually know an employee, could you give me her discount?” (Our employee discount is linked to our membership card). This is also a pretty big no as only family is supposed to use the discount.

When I explained to her that if she knows this employees phone number she can enter it on the keypad, but I can’t just give her a discount, she got pretty upset. “I’m here all the time and the other employees always bypass the phone number for me. So I know you can just type the discount in for me.”

My manager notices the commotion and comes to see what was happening. This also happens to be the same manager that the customer was just asking about applying for a position in the pharmacy with.

The customer then started once again asking for a free discount, that she didn’t earn, on this merchandise. “You guys know *****, she works here, I want to use her discount.”

My manager then proceeds to explain that this is grounds for termination for the employee.

And the customer once again asks for the discount! Eventually she understood that we are not going to give it to her and she leaves.

The employee ended up getting fired, because this isn’t the first time she’s given away her discount to whoever.

And the customer did not get the position in our store.










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