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Working at an outdoor furniture retail store, I get many customers who are polite, cunning and a tad bit arrogant. They most likely don't even realise it, but I'm okay with it as you take the majority good with the minority bad. Now I shall tell the tale:

On a quiet Thursday night, a young couple enters my store with a purpose to their stride. They immediately go to the dining setting that they would inevitably buy, but at a price that they would initially decline. Upon reaching their destination, they begin to carefully inspect the dining setting. Their actions and discussion confirmed my thought that they were serious customers, so thus began the half an hour interaction to close the sale.

After what seemed quite a while, the couple followed me to the counter where the sale would be finalised. Suddenly, the couple produced an invoice (from our company) of exactly the same furniture that they were supposedly to be buying.

With glee in his eyes, the man stated, "My parents bought this exact dining setting previously from this store, here's the invoice."

Yet three key details were different; it was dated two years ago, the name was another's and most importantly, the price was lower than the discounted price that I quoted.

The couple had arrived with a game plan. They would act as first time customers, try to get a reasonable discount price that I could offer, then show that invoice for an additional discount.

I was only working at that store for around eight months, so I wasn't aware to what extent my company increases the RRP over the course of a few years. However, my company had a reputation for fantastic customer service and not screwing over the customer.

With that in mind, I replied, "Unfortunately, since that invoice was dated in 2015, I believe the price discrepancy is due to inflation. So I won't be able to give you a further discount, as the quoted price is the lowest I can realistically go without losing my job."

RHU couponThe man scoffed, "I'm an accountant, if you can give me the calculator, I'll work out what the price of my parent's purchase would be with two years inflation."

I was called out and there was nothing I could do about it but provide him with the calculator. He performed multiple rapid calculations and his fingers came to a stop. I peered over the counter and to my utter bewilderment, the digits displayed on the calculator was in the same hundreds as my quoted price!

With regretful eyes, he mumbled, "Maybe I shouldn't have done that."

I replied, "If you tell me how you did that calculation, I'll throw in a free lazy susan."

The rest of the sale transaction was fluid and lighthearted exchange ensued. After the sale was complete, we joked about what occurred, and we parted ways amicably, with a story to share.

-- u/Pelinth




If he was actually an accountant, then he'd know that 'prices sometimes go up'.

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