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From u/Luna6696 Tales From Retail:

Title is pretty much it, but let me elaborate.

You have to be 18 to buy certain medicines because of their components. People use them to get high/drunk, etc.

I get a lady in her sixties buying some, and out of habit I ask for ID. Usually for the older folks I’ll just confirm it without seeing ID because clearly Aunt Ethel is over 18, but you know. Habit.

She’s offended, astounded, disgusted. Wrinkling her nose, her brow.

Lady: “Why do you need to see my ID?”

Me: “Oh, it’s just store policy for some things.”

Lady: “But why do you need my ID? Why are you asking for my ID?”

“Because with certain medicines, we need to make sure the guest-“


Me, after taking a breath: because some medicines have components in them that can be misused and people may use them to do bad things”

Lady, muttering: I thought all that stuff was kept behind the pharmacy...grumble grumble...

Like, I’m sorry we don’t just store medicine like NyQuil behind the pharmacy- which closes at 6- in a store that closes at 10???







McHell Manager

Sadly some stores do keep things like that locked up after the pharmacy closes. My local grocery store keeps condoms and pregnancy tests locked up. Pissed me right the hell off when I went there at 11 pm looking for a pregnancy test.


Tell her "it's the law" and drop it. Rinse and repeat, if necessary.

(Btw, I'm that age and I have zero problem pulling out a DL when I get Sudafed. I'm not making meth, but they don't know that, so ID.)


It's really too bad some employers don't let you use your judgment on whether you should ask for ID or not when the person in question is clearly in their sixties.


I used to jokingly ask for ID for women who were obviously much older, just to be funny, until one chick got ridiculously mad about it... she hadn't brought her ID (then how did you drive here? In Florida you're legally required to have your license when you're driving...) and she's insulted and blah blah whaa whaa...

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