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From u/RRehab Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a consumer electronics store and people would haggle over prices all the time. This customer, let’s call him Mr Right, took it to a whole new level.

Me: Can I help you with this TV?

Mr Right: Yes, what’s the best price you can do?

Me: (works out price) I can do $1200.

Mr Right: That’s ridiculous, how much does your store buy it for?

Me: uhh... why does it matter? We’re still the cheapest in the market (we were).

Mr Right: Why does it matter??? Because I want to buy it at the price your store paid if you want my business.

Me: (Almost laughing) But then how do we make money?

Mr Right: You obviously don’t know anything about how a business is run!! You just lost a sale!

He stormed off after that... wow my mind was blown at how stupid this guy was.







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