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From u/Balmas Tales From Retail:

The gas station I manage is having technical difficulties, and IT instructs me that for them to reset the pumps, none of the pumps can be active. As such, I string a line of traffic cones and police tape across the entrance to the gas station, and wait for people to leave. For information's sake, our gas station has a one-way arrangement: come in one entrance, funnel out one exit. Both are clearly marked with "Enter here" and "Exit only! Do not Enter!"​

People trickle out one by one, and I eventually give the IT guy the go-ahead to reset the station. As I sit down to some paperwork, I spot a car sloooooowly crawling by the entrance, and then zooming towards the corner with the exit. I sigh, and make my way out to where the customer is pulling up to one of the pumps, having gone the wrong way down a one-way road marked with a Do Not Enter sign to get there.​

"Is the store closed?"​

Lord, give me patience. As gently as I can manage, I indicate that the reason that all entrances are blocked, the station is entirely empty, and only the exit is unblocked is because, yes, we are closed.

She huffs. "Well, you should have put up a sign! How were we supposed to know you're closed?" And she zooms off.

Honestly, lady, if the police tape and traffic cones across every entrance weren't enough to clue you in, I don't think you'd have noticed a sign. Some people, I swear.










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