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From u/Certified_GSD Tales From Retail:

I'm a butcher for a local deli/grocery cornerstore.

Not as many selections like a big chain grocer, but moreso than a gas station/convenience store; plus, we have choice meats, thick steaks, and other things you'd expect a meat counter to have. It's more expensive than what you could get at a big chain ($13.99/ LB. Strip Steaks and Ribeyes over Big Chain's $9.99/ LB., $5.99/ LB. for hamburger over $1.99/ LB.), but it sure is a helluva lot better in quality since we still cut the damn things ourselves and make 'burger from chuck and steak scraps.

One of the problems I occasionally get are customers who don't really understand the chemistry of meat, or really what meat is. An older woman approached the counter and complained that the meat at [Big Box Grocery Store] had maggots in their hamburger (ground beef). I, of course, feined concern with the Retail Smile™ and pretended that I cared before offering to try some of our own hamburger. She had asked for two pounds, which I began to dole out before exclaiming

Look! Your meat has it too!

I had just ground up the hamburger an hour earlier, so there really wasn't any possibility of any sort of maggots. I asked her to point them out.

All that white stuff in there! It's nasty!

Flabbergasted, I told her

That's the fat. If you want, I can get'cha extra lean, but it'll still have a little bit of fat.

She didn't like that at all. She also didn't like how the meat was brown in the center. I, of course, explain that

When we cut, and especially grind, meat, all the blood comes out of the muscle. The blood is what gives it the red color, and when it cooks off, you're left with the brown muscle.

She really didn't like that answer and complained about not having 100% lean meat, which would taste absolutely godawful.

Look, Miss, that's completely normal. We don't put dye in our meat and we never will.

She ended up buying a pound of it. I had to wonder how she could go at least thirty or forty years without ever knowing that the white stuff in ground beef was just the fat...












I like to think how could she have gone happily eating maggot hamburger for 30 to 40 years before that.

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