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Jason 011

From u/Angie-P Tales From Retail:

I work in a department store on registers, we have a lot of them, I like to be at the 'back' of them because I can see the outside world. The 'back' it right next to the entrance of the line to wait to be served.

It was a normal day, busy but not crazy, maybe a line of 6-8 people (we had a few people on so it wasn't bad) and I paused to take a moment before calling over the next person, right before I do, this older man holding a belt calls me from the entrance of the line.

Man: Are you serving?

Me: ...yes?

He immediately started to lift up the line divider to go under, I quickly open hand point to the line and say 'sir there is a line, please line up.' he looks at the line, who are all looking at him, and proceeds to continue to climb under and begins to step towards me, I repeat, in a louder, sterner voice


He walks, not back under the line divider, but into the line to make his way back to the back of the line. I watch him do this, my 'I'm so fucking done with this what the fuck' face coming out. I think the line of people were also shocked at what happened, only one lady looked like she wanted to laugh at what happened.







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