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From u/degfan Tales From Retail:

Not too long ago switched over to the meat department in my retail store. We get our pork from a supplier that got affected by the hurricane. We got a one time temp shipment by a different supplier and our pork was full for about a day or two (I was off so I'm not sure exactly) but now we have pretty barebones supply. This is the story of an older lady who doesn't believe that recent local events can affect stores. Ol for old lady.

I was pulling some chicken that wouldnt go on the shelves back into the backroom

Ol approaches me and says "excuse me do you have any pork on that cart"

Me: no ma'am its chicken

Ol: well where's all the pork chops?

Me: well we're still getting bits and pieces but the hurricane affected our supplier, I'm not sure when we'll be getting more in.

Ol: well that's a lie because I came here a few days ago and the pork was full.

Me: well we did get a shipment from a temp supplier but most of it is gone now.

Ol: You don't have to give me that talk, I know some people are just lazy and don't wanna go back there and get it.

Me: I apologize ma'am is there something particular you are looking for?

Ol: no not anymore, ill just go to X to get it

Me: ok, sorry about that

Ol then walks off.






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