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Jason 030

From u/yourgirlalex Tales From Retail:

Lady came in today looking for sunhats. I assumed she was a tourist since her English was pretty poor, but I tried explaining the best I could that since it's now September, most of our Summer stuff was gone, but I'd be happy to go check the back stockroom to see. She thanked me and off I went.

As I'm in the back room chit chatting amongst a few other co-workers that were in there with me and looking for any kind of sunhat we might still have leftover from summer, I hear the door open. Thinking it was one of my managers, I look up and froze: it was the lady I had just been helping on the floor. Everyone in the room went silent and I quickly said "This is for employees only" still shocked that she was standing there. She apologized and walked out.

"Who was *that* ?" one of my co-workers asked.

I explained I had told her I would look for something for her in the back. I didn't think she'd follow me in. It was all so strange!

We had no sun hats, by the way.







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