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Entitled custiesFrom u/RoternautTalesFromRetail

I used to work at a really famous DVD rental store in the UK. I was the assistant manager and weirdly, we were very profitable. Mainly because we had an amazing workforce that would come in and work single cover shifts (you're the only employee in the store) just to help out. We never made them, they would sign up for the shifts themselves.

Unfortunately, the rest of the company wasn't doing so well. We get told the company had gone into administration and we may all lose our jobs. However, our boss tells us there are no plans to close our store because we are still making money.

THE NEXT DAY after the announcement is made, a guy comes in, walks around looking at everything and is getting more and more confused. Eventually he (C) approaches me (M) at the desk.

M: Hi can I help?

C: Have you got anything on offer?

M: Well, we have a rental multi rent offer and there's £10 off PS3 games....

C: No, clearance offers.

M: Oh no, we have no plans to close at present.

At this point he stares at me like I'm lying for ages. I mean ages. At least a full minute.

C: Right, fine. If you do close, can you call me to let me know?

M: So, on the day I find out my store is closing and I'm out of a job, you want me to remember to call you to let you know there's some discounts on blu rays available?

C: Yes please.

M: No.

He came in a few times over the next week just to check I wasn't lying.




McHell Manager

I stopped commenting on how I was getting great deals at closing stores when I was about 18ish (give or take) and Media Play was shutting down. I ran up to the cashier and went "Wow this is amazing. So many awesome deals I am getting!!!" and she looked at me and said "I just found out I am losing my job this week" Instant lesson.

Kai Lowell

Oh geez, Media Play. I remember that place. I LOVED that place.

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