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Game Store Hell: I Don't Have Enough Cash


Game Store 3From u/EatingPieInTheTubTalesFromRetail

Own a pop and mom video game store. Since day one my promo on used games has always been: Buy 3 get 1 free (the cheapest game becomes the free one).

Guy come up to the counter with four games. Ring him up, and the cheapest game is discounted (a $2.99 copy of Max Payne on the OG Xbox).

Guy doesn't have enough money. He then demands that one of the other games should be free (the next cheapest one was $25).

Told him it didn't work that way, it will never work that way. I don't have to have this discount if I don't want to anyway.

He storms out, come back about an hour later with more cash.

Some days I just wanna sell this place and retire to someplace warm. Anyone wanna buy a game shop in the midwest?




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