Monstrous Customers: The Ice Cream Offender
Entitled Customers: Think Of Me When You're Unemployed



Even better... Take a big bite first, then ask if anyone wants to share it with you. For some reason they say no every single time. :)


I can't remember where I read it, but there was a thing I saw once about an English school's dinner. Traditionally the tray of desserts was brought in by the head boy and passed around the table, and he got his last. This time, there was one that was larger, so he make sure he got it, he stuck his finger in it and said "This one is mine." before passing the tray.

So, everybody along the way stuck a finger in it too. "This one is his. (sploot)". "This one is his. (Sploot)".


Remember the story of the farmer and the kids stealing melons from his field. He put up a sign that said "One of these melons are poisoned." The next morning there is a note on the sign that said "Now two of these melons are poisoned."
I say grab the doughnut with both hands putting your fingers in the frosting and rip it in half and drop both halves in the garbage can. You can have both halves bro.

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