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From u/YoungRecluse Tales From Retail:

My store was having an “up to 50% off everything” promotion for Labor Day weekend, and for some reason, holidays bring out the best of us.

We had a lady come in looking for normal clothing items. No big deal. We all help her find the size she wants.

Like most (if not all) retail stores, we have a store credit card, and offer 20% off your first purchase, and 30% off when you receive your card. This lady opened one the day before, during the sale.

She talks to one of the managers, asking if she can get the 20% off discount today because she’s finding things she couldn’t find yesterday. Manager says no.

She then goes to talk to another manager - the store manager. Asks the same question. Answer is still no.

She finally finds me again and asks the same question. But the time she gets to me, all the other managers have talked to her. In a final attempt to get this discount, she talks to me, asking “are you the decision maker, or is SM?” SM is basically right behind her, and tells her no at the same time I do.

This morning, I hear that she was also asking the associate who was ringing her if she would apply the discount. Associate also said no.

Gotta love these crazy people who come out of the woodwork.







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