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From RHUer:

My wife and I have both worked at craft stores in the past; I still do (the red one). We were shopping at the green craft store about an hour away from home, and we both stopped by the restroom during our browsing.

We are wearing jeans and t-shirts, holding hands, poking through clearance, when a woman stops us in the aisle.

She asks if we can help her, since we "work here."

I smile awkwardly and let her know that she's mistaken; we're just shopping.

She asks why we came out of the back of the store, and I had to explain that we were in the restroom.

What sort of behavior does she expect from employees? We were holding hands, and are generally pretty affectionate in public. At least she wasn't rude, but I was truly surprised she thought we were employees. 

-- A longtime RHU lurker




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