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From u/Luna6696 Tales From Retail:

I’m behind the cash register at the customer service desk and doing returns, but I can also check people out, etc.

A woman walks up with items, her daughters, and a cart. Her daughters are young, like 8 and 11. This lady drops some swimsuits on the counter and keeps talking on her phone.

Now, we have security tags on our swimsuits. Some people who do self checkout forget to get them off. Usually we ask for the receipt for proof of purchase and can take off the security tags.

So I ask, “did you forget to take these off? Did you use self checkout?”

Yes, and yes. The girls even pipe up that Mom forgot to get them taken off and that’s what they’re here for- After I had asked Mom several times prior to that, and she didn’t hear me. And her kids both whined “Mom get off the phone she’s trying to talk to you”

So I ask for her receipt, see she paid for them, and take off the security tags.

Lady, who is still on her phone: why are you taking them off?

Me: isn’t that why you brought them up?

Lady: no, this is a return! Why did you think I wanted these off?!

Me: that’s what your kids told me- She proceeds to give me the most ‘why the hell would you ask them?’ Look, and then I proceeded with her return.

Like, lady, I asked you multiple times. I’m not just going to stand here doing nothing while you finish your conversation. There’s a line.









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