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Monstrous Customers: BOO! BOOOOO!!



From u/jtmsoextra Tales From Retail:

I've been at my job for about a month. I had burned myself earlier this day (nothing serious, but I really wanted to use my measly 15 minute break to lay a cold can of pop on it and sit down for a bit) and my break happened to coincide with a random big rush in the store.

As I'm selecting which can of pop to put on my wound (my favorite root beer is out of stock, there's only diet :|) a customer asks where he could find a certain product. Me being pretty new, I don't know where it is--and I'm on break. I tell him so, and go back to figuring out which can of pop is cheapest and won't taste like crap. Then I hear it. A kind of low sound at first. Then full-on one-person boo-ing.

I'm being boo-ed. For not working on my break.

Me: *stunned, mouth-slightly-agape-silent-staring*

Customer: BOOO! Who's your manager? I want to report you for this!"

It's now that my coworker walks up behind this dude, and at this point I just wave him away, grab a random pop, and scurry my ass away from the situation.













Am I the only person who read the Booo in the voice of the old lady from The Princess Bride?


That was the ONLY voice in which to read that!

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